26 - 27 September, 2018 | PARKROYAL Darling Harbour, Sydney, NSW

Marion Burchell

A/Chief Executive & Government Chief Information Officer
Western Australian Government

11:30 AM Case Study: How a New ICT Strategy and Effective Leadership are Guiding Transformation in WA State Government

In Western Australia, it is estimated that only 2.5% of services are available on line. In light of this the state governments’ ‘Digital WA’ strategy was produced. The OGCIO have taken the lead in putting the strategy into action with their own Digital ICT Strategy. Step one in reaching their goal of providing a one stop shop for government digital services was the myWA alpha site which enables access to over 80 WA government services on line. In this session:

  • The Digital ICT strategy: what are the objectives and how myWA provides the ideal first step in the process
  • Effective leadership for a digital transformation strategy: what this looks like in WA and the OGCIO
  • Building the myWA prototype, how customer inputs have been used to ensure the final product is a success