26 - 27 September, 2018 | PARKROYAL Darling Harbour, Sydney, NSW

Dr. Ian Opperman

Chief Executive Officer and Chief Data Scientist
Data Analytics Centre

1:50 PM Using Data Analytics to Drive Policy Change and Innovation and Improve Citizen Experience

In 2015 the treasury of NSW launched their Data Analytics Centre, modelled from similar centres in New York and Canada. The end goal of the centre is to help the government ‘see’ their citizens’ journey and accurately inform policy decisions. In this session:

  • What was the initial vision of the centre and how was a successful business case created?
  • Incremental change: dreaming big but testing small to minimise risk and achieve best results for citizens
  • The next frontier: tackling data security issues and ensuring privacy of information

2:30 PM Panel Discussion- Managing Data Privacy: Mitigating Risk and Planning for the Future

As our economy moves into an increasingly digital age, the amount of data collected about each of us is greater than ever before. No one organization houses more of our personal information than the government and protecting this citizen data will be a key and continuing challenge moving forward. This panel discussion will cover:

  • Working with citizens in developing a data strategy which protects and enhances the relationship with citizens
  • Making the in sourcing vs. outsourcing decision
  • Implementing strategies to react appropriately to security breaches