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Leading a government organisation through digital transformation:Lessons learned from the private sector

In this article, Greg Booker, Chief Information Officer at RACQ, shares the top changes leaders can take to embrace and maintain an innovative culture and his tips for government organisations to succeed at agile leadership in the digital economy.


In the spotlight with Paul Shetler, Former CEO of the Digital Transformation Office: Lessons learned in digital government transformation

In this article, Paul Shetler, Former CEO of the Digtial Transformation Office, shares the key lessons government agencies in Australia can learn from the digital transformation projects he has worked on and the strategies that can be used to drive innovation to improve service delivery.

Creating a Digital Roadmap to transform government services: Insights into the development and implementation of the NSW Government’s Future Transport Technology Roadmap

In this case study,Tony Braxton-Smith, Deputy Secretary - Customer Services, Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) explores the process behind the creation and implementation of the NSW Future Transport Technology Roadmap and how TfNSW is going about developing the capability and cultural changes needed to drive technology to enable services with greater benefits for citizens across the state.


Harnessing digital disruption to drive the role of government as an enabler of economic growth

In this interview transcript, Timo Valli Director General Ministry of Commerce and Finance and former GCIO (Finland), Grantly Mailes, Former Deputy Secretary Department of Industry and Innovation and Peter O’Halloran CIO National Blood Authority, to find out how they are harnessing digital to drive the government’s role as an enabler of economic growth and how this focus is transforming service delivery in each of their organisations.


Infographic: 6 tips to become a digitally-led government organisation

Learn six strategies you can use to ensure your organisation is digitally led


A whole of Government approach to digital transformation: How the ACT Government is driving improved services and organisational efficiency through digital

In this article, Jon Cumming, Chief Digital Officer at the ACT Government explores the steps he is taking to drive sustainable digital transformation, lessons learned from the journey so far and focus areas for the future.

Interview with Richard Host, Fire & Rescue NSW

The phrase 'digital disruption' is now well and truly embedded in business thinking. But how is it specifically affecting the public sector?

In this interview, Richard Host, CIO at Fire and Rescue NSW talks about the value of attending an event like Digital Disruption X, and how his organisation is planning to capitalise on the opportunities bought about by disruption in the next 12 months.


5 lessons government organisations can learn from Virgin Australia’s digital transformation journey

In this article, Royston Lim, General Manager, Customer Experience and Digital at Virgin Australia, shares five elements government organisations should consider when developing and rolling-out a digital strategy, based on lessons learned from Virgin Australia’s own digital transformation journey to date.


Creating a Culture that Stimulates and Drives Digital Transformation

The ACT government is working on a whole of government digital transformation, helmed by the Chief Digital Officer and supported by the Chief Minister. The strategy has 3 elements, addressing economic development, service delivery and digital foundations. 

In this presentation from Digital Disruption for Government 2016, Jon Cumming, Chief Digital Officer, ACT Government explores how the CDO is working to drive sustainable transformation and navigating the nebulous nature of digital, including:

  • Creating and implementing a digital scorecard: Pros and cons
  • Injecting a culture change
  • The importance of communication

Procurement for Innovation

One of the biggest hindrance to innovation and digital transformation is the dated procurement process that exisits in most government organisations. It most often inovles a tedious tendering process that is long and not proactive. Which is counter productive to innovation, speed and disruption. 
In this presentation from Digtial Disruption for Government 2016, Jag Rewal, Director, Whole of Government Technology Procurement Group,
Department of Premier and Cabinet, Victoria, explores how the procurement can evolve to be an enabler rather than an impediment to digital disruption, including:
  • Assessing existing procurement pros and cons: Pros and Cons
  • Exploring alternative procurement models more conducive to innovation
  • Effectively managing risk while driving innovation

Transforming the Digital Ecosystem with User Centred Design to better meet stakeholder expectations

The NSW Department of Education uses its intranet and many websites (digital ecosystem) to engage with both internal and external stakeholders. Being one of the largest employers and working with external stakeholders from early childhood, primary and secondary schools, it is essential that services are designed to meet user needs and are reliable and easy to use.
In this presentation from Digital Disruption for Government 2016, Peter Buckmaster, Director, Digital Services, Department of Education, explores
how they have changed their digital ecosystem using a user centred design methodology and how they have been using pattern libraries to quickly generate solutions to common problems, thus keeping pace with changing expectations, including: 
  • Using narrative to share and build empathy for users’ wants and expectations
  • Applying design thinking and user centred design methods to improve service delivery models
  • Pattern libraries to rapidly code, prototype and test consistent interfaces


Building a digital government: Seven trends in digital government

A global scan of leading citizen-centric practices reveals that governments in Canada can do more by harnessing the right technology to build trust and transform. Citizens expect access to services across their devices. They want information customized for them, and they want it faster and on the go. Governments need to be as agile as the digital world around them. 


Pure Storage: Corporate Fact Sheet

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Evergreen Storage

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Innovating in an era of disruption: key priorities and trends influencing digital transformation in Australian government organisations in 2016 and beyond

To get to the bottom of what steps Australian government organisations are taking to overcome such pain-points and effectively integrate a digital strategy to drive innovation and productivity, we surveyed over 50 public sector leaders across the three tiers of the Australian Government, ahead of Digital Disruption for Government 2016.
This report examines three major focus areas in Australian government when it comes to digital transformation, including:
  • The importance of building and maintaining a culture of innovation
  • They key priorities and strategies needed for effective digital transformation in government
  • The pain-points Australian government organisations are facing when rolling-out a digital transformation strategy and how to overcome them
  • How Australia Post, the National Blood Authority and the ATO are responding to digital disruption in their organisations to drive efficiency and innovation